Stop, Collaborate & Listen...

The more I create, the more I realise the need for good, honest, effective collaboration.

Over the years I have learned the importance of Team and enjoyed the highs and lows of working in them. But when it has come to creating something, I have often tried to do it all on my own, and then wondered why I have struggled to finish it...

Or became exasperated when my creative output has been lower than I had wanted it to be; doubting myself - wanting to 'give up'.

The past couple of years I have put myself in, or by chance have been placed in, situations where I have had to collaborate: creating something together - where I have had to relinquish the right to be 'precious' about my part. The result... I have seen a dramatic increase in my creative output and witnessed projects flourish in a way I had only dreamed of before.

I have had the joy of writing songs and music with a number of different groups and individuals: have put my contribution into the middle of the table, along with everyone else's, and helped craft something beautiful and much bigger and better than I would have achieved on my own.

I have been in settings where I have felt out of my depth, with people way more experienced than I am, and this spurred me on to dig deeper - dream bigger, drawing inspiration from those around me.

I will continue to 'bang on' about collaboration - and it will always be fundamental and foundational in the way I work, and Telescopic Music & Media works.

to create something truly significant, truly beautiful, truly heart stopping, I believe it takes more than just one part, it takes many parts.

I look forward to one day... maybe... working closely with you - to create something new, something 'out of the ordinary', something that is 'more than' either of us could have accomplished on our own